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Search is my job
  • I search,
    My job is a search.
    I search services in the Internet,
    which allow to be anonymous.
  • process,
    Then I scan them and remember.
    Oh, how much information in my head :)
  • show.
    All information is displayed in a convenient way. All logical!
  • You find!
    Your security in your hands.
    I only make choice more simple and easy as never before.

I tell how to test IP

I will tell how to test IP

My name is Au and I am very friendly dog.

This web site is my home and I am very glad to see you here.

My vocation to help you to ensure its security on the Internet.



Locate IP and chec country by IP

Locate country by IP

Web site will tell you about your safety.

Service makes it easy to find your geographic location and the country by IP, and locate IP of your DNS server.

Time and timezone on your computer will be compared with timezone of country by IP.

Test IP became so easy.


Compare VPN and Proxy services


Compare VPN and Proxy services

Smart search and simple choice among a large number of services.

Comparison VPN and Proxy services is made on one web page.

Rating VPN and Proxy services is compiled by their scope and possibilities that provide these services.