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    I will help you check IP info and point out the weaknesses of your safety. And also I can find the best services for anonymity on the Internet.
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Check IP info

On this page you can check IP address and location (city, state, country), DNS server, browser and operating system, as well as time zone. To learn IP address the data is verified through browser headers, PHP, Javascript  and compared between itself.

For example, it may be that the country DNS server and the country by IP are different or time on your computer and local time in the country by IP is different. Then you will see the message "You are in danger," click on that you will be taken to a full scan, and the system will show the weaknesses in your defense. Use the button "Check IP info" to run test again.

It is important to remember that any website can learn your IP

Learn IP info - easily. And on this page, you can always check own safety.

For the convenience of all the important checks are made on the one page. Learn IP and your geographical location has become very easy.